These Are 5 Most Underrated Vaporizers On The Market

April 23, 2021

Be it the vaping industry or any other area of life; certain things don’t get enough attention. Most people who join the vaping world only look for popular products, which results in the increased sales of influential vaping products. Having a quality vaporizer ensures an outstanding vaping experience, but people hardly make an effort to find the right products. If vaping is important in your life and you want to use the right products even if they are not popular – then keep reading to find about the five most underrated vaporizers in the market.

1.     V2 Cigs Pro Series 3

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 is one of a kind when it comes to the vaporizers available in the market. It can provide 6 hours of enjoyable vaping. You can even put this on charging and use it at the same time. The Black, Steel, and Blue color options make this vape a great choice for elegant vapers. Pulling out the tank and putting it back is quite easy in this vape model. This one is a simple but well-built vape that certainly hasn’t received the love it deserves. More details about this vape can be found here.

2.     Voopoo Alpha Zip Kit

This vape supports dual batteries, which is great for avid vapers. The metal panel design is both sturdy and attractive. The easy-to-use coils in this vape allow you to carry a maximum of 4ml e-liquid. You get three adjustable airflow slots on this model, which is an incredible feature. Although this vape has a boxy look, it still feels good in your hand and has a comfortable feel. The presence of 3 buttons on this vape gives it more of a vintage look. This vape also features a brighter OLED display.

3.     Joyetech Espion Tour Kit

Joyetech Espion Tour Kit is a Starter Kit vape. Filling the e-liquid in this vape is pretty easy, and you don’t end up spilling the liquid. This vape is famous for its cloud protection. Coils in this vape do an extraordinary job at spilling out clouds. The display you get on this vape is clear and vivid to read. The tactility of the buttons on this model also adds to the overall vaping experience. There are no questions about the durability of this vape – you can certainly use this vape for years. On top of that, this vape is very affordable as well.

4.     SMOK TFV16 Tank

This one is a giant vape as it can hold 9mm of e-liquid! Three mesh coils on this vape are superb for passionate vapers. The airflow of this vape is also an attractive selling point. The sleeve-style mouthpiece looks elegant and feels good while vaping. You get to choose from a range of 6 colors – so there’s an option for every vaper out there. The top-filling system is leakproof and makes it effortless to refill the vape. TFV16 gives intense clouds that are gorgeous for vaping enthusiasts. This vape feels nice and sturdy in hand, and you should not worry about dropping it if you are a clumsy vaper.

5.     Uwell Evdilo Kit

This vape is a low-weight and easy to grip model that fits nicely in the hands and feels good. You get easy TCR and power controls with this vape model. The battery life of this model is simply outstanding for 24/7 vapers. Display on this vape shows you all the necessary details. Charging this vape is super easy with the front-mounted USB port. The overall performance of this vape makes it an ideal choice for vapers who are always looking for quality products.


The vape models mentioned above are high-quality models that haven’t received the attention they deserve. If you are looking to buy new vapes this month, try buying any of the ones mentioned above. Happy Vaping!

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