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  • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 14mm Female Joint Domeless Quartz Nail
  • Water Jet Perc
  • Continuous Water Filtration During Hits
  • Splash Proof
  • Compact Size
  • Curved Elbow Mouthpiece
  • Twin Bubbler Chambers

Designed by Turbo, the GRAV Circuit™ is a portable piece that puts a new spin on a rig. A directional diffused natural percolator creates a whirlwind of smoke packed into a pocketable piece. The Circuit™ features a 14mm male joint and domeless quartz nail.

A special Water Jet Perc blasts water around and around creating a pint-sized whirlpool to soften up your smoke. You can really rip on these pieces as hard as you would a large tube and get no splash back. The double layered Circuit keeps your water in a continuous rotation as long as you are hitting it. Another GRAV marvel!


  • Designed by Turbo
  • Air Path: 7 in
  • Height: 5.5 in
  • Base Width: 3 in
  • 14mm male joint Domeless Quartz Nail included
  • 50 x 2.5mm Borosilicate tubing
  • Neck shape and decal color may vary

Your pipe will come with one of the following label colors: Blue, Black, Red, Etch, White, Green or Purple

The 7" GRAV Circuit Rig packs powerful water filtration into a compact design for the ultimate dab rig experience. An innovative circuitous water jet percolator system keeps water in continuous rotation for the duration of your hit. The intake hole is fitted to the Circuit Rig at an angle that produces a rapid spin that cools and purifies smoke as twin chambers double the water filtration.

While other water pipes of this compact size might splash during huge rips, the Circuit Rig is splash-proof with an angled mouthpiece, allowing you to take big hits like you would from a long tube. An elegant double stacked design keeps the Circuit Rig sturdy and easy to handle. A 14mm female joint domeless quartz nail delivers huge and flavorful rips from your favorite wax concentrates. The Circuit Rig water pipe is another huge leap forward in dab rig innovation by GRAV.

  • 1 x GRAV Circuit Rig 7" Water Pipe
  • 1 x 14mm Female Joint Domeless Quartz Nail

Category: Dab Rigs

Type: Waterpipes

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