8.75” Grav Lab's Helix™ Clear Straight Base W/ Fixed Downstem Water Pipe

Grav Labs

A beaker base brought to the next level with a Helix Flute.

The Helix Water Pipe provides a scientific smoking experience that ensures a smooth and cool smoke. It presents an aesthetically pleasing sight as the smoke spins in a swirling tornado pattern through the mouthpiece. Grav Labs is committed to crafting top-notch, flawless functional glassware.

This particular Helix Water Pipe boasts a transparent appearance, featuring the familiar beaker bottom style and the trusted Helix emblem. It is also equipped with a shower-head down stem, which guarantees the simplest and smoothest smoking experience. Cleaning the Helix Water Pipe is a breeze, thanks to its minimal small crevices and sturdy design. Its robust construction ensures extreme durability for everyday use, making it an excellent choice.

  • Grav Labs Helix water pipe
  • 8.75" Height
  • 60mm diameter tubing with 5mm thick walls
  • Fixed decaled diffused downstem
  • Helix decal on Flute mouthpiece
  • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
  • Designed in Austin, TX

  • Designed with the utmost precision for the most discerning smokers, such as yourself, the Helix Water Pipe delivers an unparalleled smoking experience that elevates any occasion, regardless of its scale. It is poised to provide you with a remarkable smoking adventure that will revolutionize your perception of the act.

    This water pipe, crafted by Grav Labs, exudes exceptional quality and is available at an affordable price exclusively through our online smoke shop, 421store.com.

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