Mini Jig Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal

  • Quartz bucket included
  • 10mm connection
  • Handcrafted 100% borosilicate glass
  • 2.4 inch base

The MJ Arsenal Mini Jig Mini Rig™ features a single uptake recycler that delivers elite water filtration and purifies draws to perfection. A base-connected percolator generates bubbles that rise up through the water to deliver exceptionally cool vapor.

For ultimate convenience, the Mini Jig is designed with an integrated storage jar that safely houses concentrates; an included silicone top maintains the integrity of your material. This mini rig is equipped with a pure quartz bucket that provides optimal flavor transfer. Constructed from 100% borosilicate glass, the MJ Arsenal Mini Jig can withstand most everyday drops and tumbles without shattering.

MJ Arsenal Mini Jig Review


  • Handcrafted Borosilicate Glass
  • Base-Connected Percolator
  • Integrated Concentrate Jar
  • Single Uptake Recycler
  • Pure Quartz Bucket
  • 10 mm Connection


  • 1x MJ Arsenal Mini Jig Mini Rig
  • 1x 10 mm Quartz Banger

Category: Dab Rigs

Type: Waterpipes

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