6" Grav Labs Upright Bubbler

Grav Labs

The small GRAV® Upright Bubbler is 6" tall and made on 32mm tubing. Its fission downstem diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the bubbler to prevent damage.

Its angled mouthpiece acts as a splashguard, and its lip wrap is tooled for comfort. No accessories are necessary for using this bubbler, and it works best with approximately 1.5" of water. 

  • Length  Height : 6" 
  • Use  With : Flower 
  • Carb : On The Left 
  • Designed  By : Stephan Peirce 

Grav Labs Upright Bubblers are the perfect coffee-table pieces, featuring flared feet, fixed diffused downstems, and 45° angled mouthpieces.

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    Category: Bubbler

    Type: Waterpipes

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