Coffer Joints Carrier from HITKIT


Keep two or more joints and a lighter with you at all times! The Coffer is designed to easily fit in your pocket, eliminating the hassle of searching for your smokes. Whether you're hiking, golfing, snowboarding, going to a concert, having a picnic, or engaging in any other activity, The Coffer is the ideal companion.

An elastic string securely fastens The Coffer's lid when closed, preventing it from getting lost when open. You can use your lighter without needing to remove it.

The Coffer Specification

  • Device dimensions: 2.78" x 4.42" x 0.81"
  • Joint space capacity: 1.00" x 4.05" x 0.51"
  • *Lighter is included. Papers are not included.
  • *For use with LEGAL herbs only. Respect your local laws!

    Category: Joints Carriers

    Type: Dugouts

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