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Elegant dug-out system from the Jane West Collection

  • Made from quality metal
  • Portable discreet design
  • Swivel lid on top and bottom
  • Spring-loaded chamber in top
  • Metal one-hitter with square silhouette
  • Metal custom fit multitool
  • Stash compartment in top and bottom
  • Jane West logo on one-hitter, multitool and dug-out
  • Black pouch for safe traveling

Jane West is by far the most renowned female icon in the cannabis industry. She is the founder of “Edible Events” cannabis event company and “Woman Grow”, the largest professional cannabis networking organization. Her eponymous cannabis lifestyle brand, that creates accessories and home goods, emphasizes on the benefits of this incredible plant and makes everyday use of cannabis accessible for mainstream women.

Jane West truly believes that a well-designed product will enhance your smoking experience and therefore she has designed a collection of elegant stealthy pipes that are perfect for on the go. Always have your smoke gear ready when you are out and about, without anybody noticing.

The Classic is a modern, classy new take on the familiar dug-out system. It has a stylish shiny metal exterior that highly resembles a metal flask and is equipped with two swivel lids, one on the top and one on the bottom. A gentle lift and twist gives you access to the hidden compartments.

The top compartment contains a spring-loaded chamber on the left side that reveals "The Solo" metal one-hitter and a metal custom fit multitool when opened. The metal one-hitter has a clever square silhouette that prevents it from rolling around and provides you with excellent grip. The kitchen grade enamel finish prevents the pipe from overheating and protects it from wear and tear. The multitool is designed to clean your one-hitter pipe in a matter of seconds, so it is instantly ready for your next session. On the right side you find the first secret stash compartment, that can hold a fair amount of your favorite herbs.

The second secret stash compartment is hidden underneath the bottom swivel lid, which allows you to bring along two varieties of your favorite herbs in one stylish discreet handheld device. The Classic from the Jane West Collection comes complete with beautiful black pouch with Jane West logo for extra discreet transportation when not in use.

Category: Large Dugouts

Type: Dugout

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