Smoke Buddy Original Personal Air Filter


Meet the Smoke Buddy, your trustworthy sidekick in smoke filtration. This pocket-sized gadget lets you exhale smoke through it, resulting in scentless air emerging on the opposite end. Bid farewell to bothersome smoke and maintain your smoking endeavors low-key. With the Smoke Buddy, you're free to indulge without disturbing anyone else. Embrace the convenience of this personal air filter today.

The Smoke Buddy is a compact and reliable air filter that can truly make a notable impact. By directing your exhaled smoke through this user-friendly contraption, you'll savor odor-free air on the flip side.

With the Smoke Buddy, you enjoy the liberty to smoke wherever and whenever you desire, all while evading suspicion. Safeguard your loved ones and neighbors from secondhand smoke by relying on your faithful Smoke Buddy.


  • Smoke Buddy Keychain with LED light
  • Travel Caps Included for storing discreetly
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Keeps second hand smoke away from friends, family, and neighbors
  • Convenient and compact
  • Magically removes smoke and odor
  • Estimated at 300 uses or more

      Original Smoke Buddy Review

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