Pike Reusable Filter

Flux Smoke

Nobody likes to think about the tar and chemicals being introduced to our lungs from enjoying our smoke, but the fact is, it’s there. Remove tar, chemicals and contaminants with the help of the Pike!

Flux Smoke's filter uses activated coconut and seaweed based carbon filter technology that can remove 80% of tar and harmful contaminants from your hit, for a cleaner and smoother smoking experience.

The Pike will work with any water pipe or bubbler that fits a 14MM male bowl. Simply place the Pike between your bowl and your rig.

Perfect for both flower and concentrates.

The Pike Includes: 

  • 1 Metal Filter housing
  • Carbon Beads
Pike Features
  • Removes up to 80% of tar and contaminants
  • Can be used for flower or concentrates
  • Fits any 14MM male bowl
  • Do not expose Beads to water
  • Soak in alcohol only or bake in oven to renew
  • Tar Cutter Carbon bead Refills only $2.00

The pike comes in 5 colors, gold, blue, black, red and silver

Category: Filters

Type: Bongs & Waterpipes

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