AirVape Legacy - Dry Herb Vaporizer from Apollo


Incorporating the feedback from the AirVape XS and X models, the features of the AirVape Legacy have been crafted with great care.

After two years of development, along with numerous updates and aesthetic touches, the Legacy was born--a powerful and visually-striking portable vape for optimal performance.


We present the distinguished AirVape Legacy, a pioneering vape from the acclaimed AirVape family. It is among the most advanced devices available.

The AirVape Legacy contains cutting-edge convection heating technology, quickly heating up and supporting wireless charging; plus, extra features, making it the most advanced dry herb vaporizer available from Apollo Vaporizer.

AirVape Legacy has confirmed its position as an industry leader, offering superior performance and setting a new standard in efficiency and design. With this device, AirVape solidifies its legacy of pioneering innovation.

Featuring elements of eco-friendly hemp textile and non-animal-based leather, the Legacy vaporizer stands out for its stylish exterior design while still being mindful of its environmental impact.


- Used for Loose-leaf and Oil Concentrates
- Vibration signal 
- Removable 18650, 3000 mAh Legacy Battery  
- Heat-up Time: 15 Seconds to Optimal Vaping Temp
- Sensor Technology-60 seconds shutoff if no movement is detected
- Two-button precise temperature control ↑↓ from 200F to 440F
- USB-C Fast-Charging + Wireless Charging
- Ceramic Mouthpiece 
- Gold plated heating Chamber + Optional Gold Plated Basket for Microdosing
- Removable glass AirPath
- Measurements: 119 mm x 52 mm x 21
- Materials: hemp-based textile, vegan leather, black ceramic, 24K gold plating, glass

 What's in the Box

- AirVape Legacy + 18650 Legacy Removable Battery
- Concentrates Pad Insert, Gold Plated Basket for Microdosing
- USB-C Charger Cable
- Cleaning, Loading Tools
- Replacement Filter Screens 
- User Manual
- Limited Lifetime Warranty (easily registered here on

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AirVape Legacy - How To Clean




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