18" Grav Labs Steamroller | Grav Labs

Grav Labs

A gargantuan steamroller from the engineers at Grav Labs.

This enormous steamroller by Grav Labs is ideal for serious smokers. Measuring 18" in length, this large glass pipe is made from thick borosilicate glass and is distributed from Austin, Texas. This steamroller has glass feet to give it a nice stand on any surface. It features an 18mm female joint and includes an 18mm male funnel bowl. The extremely deep bowl allows for large amounts of dry tobacco to be consumed at once. Contains blue keck clip and blue and white Grav Labs decal.

  • Built-In Ashcatcher
  • Mini Glass Steamroller
  • Scientific Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • 50mm diameter tubing with 5mm thick glass
  • 18.8mm female joint
  • Clear marble feet
  • Grav Labs decal 
  • Designed in Austin, TX.

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