The 7 Pipe Pro - Best All-in-One Pipe


This is my favorite all-in-one pipe in the market. Great style and great quality. The 7 pipe pro is a unique style gadget that has all the tools you would like for smoking tobacco or any type of legal loose leaf on the go. It's created to suit any active style of living with its simple use. It options an in-built lighter, glass bowl, storage for your loose leaves, and a mechanical device that permits you to regulate your flame all within an alloy metal case.

It also includes an individual glass pipe insert that is housed in a metal shell made of zinc which means it's protected against breakage in case of an accident. But still, be careful, if you drop your pipe the shock caused by the impact might cause the glass on the within to break. It features a compact style and is quite simple to work with. If you would like a gadget with a little edge, a trifle of style, and plenty of convenience, the 7 pipe pro is the one for you.

Dimensions: 1.75” Length - 4” Width - 05” Height

Weight: 5 ounce

Box Contains:

  • 7 Pipe
  • Glass Bowl
  • O- Rings
  • Instructions
  • Warranty Card
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Button Mouthpiece
  • Duckbill Mouthpiece

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