8" Grav Labs Round Water Pipe w/ Fixed Downstem

Grav Labs

The GRAV Round Base is an 8" glass water pipe made from 32mm borosilicate tubing, comes with a 14mm cup bowl, fixed downstem, geometric ice pinch and modern take on the classic water pipe design.

This 8-grav-round-water-pipe-online-headshop-bongs-for-smoking-marijuana-smaller glass pipe delivers flavorful and very smooth hits at the same time offers portability and ease-of-use.

For a prime performance, we recommend to fill the chamber with 1.5" of water.


  • 8" tall
  • Glass on glass downstem and bowl
  • 14mm male bowl included
  • Built-in ice pinch and splash guard
  • Logo color may vary
  • Base Width: 3.5" at bottom
  • Fixed Fission Downstem
  • Geometric Ice Pinch
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Small water pipe/ Portable water pipe
  • Geometric Ice Catch
  • Polished Joint
  • The labels for this piece come in assorted colors

The water pipe will come with one of the following label colors: Blue, Black, Red, Etch, White, Green or Purple


Learning from Grav Lab's previous work, the GRAV Round Base water pipe features a fixed downstem inside the pipe to prevent the bong from cracking or breakage.

The ice pinch has dual functionality/benefits: 

  1. Ice catching
  2. Preventing splashes up the mouthpiece.

The cool thing about the round base, it helps the water pipe to stay sturdy and upright during use.


This bong is made from thermal resistant glass, this round base water bong preserves the flavors and aromas of any legal dry herb you use.

The glass this water pipe made of is crack-proof than any lower grade materials ou there in the market.

Cleaning Grav Round Base Glass Water Pipe

The clean, clear look is easy to maintain with regular cleaning. And the GRAV Round Base delivers cooler hits with a heat resistant air path.

Sleek and compact with a modern design, the GRAV Round Base is an on-the-go glass water pipe for those who want smooth rips without sacrificing portability.

  • 1 x 8" GRAV Round Base
  • 1 x 14mm Cup Bowl

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