Abyss from Nebula Glass Studios - American Made Glass Hand Pipe

Nebula Glass Studios

  • Made in American
  • Length: 4.75"

**Ever wonder about the mysteries that lay below the deepest depths of the ocean? 

Abyss, an american made glass hand pipe, from Nebula Glass Studios, is all the beauty and mystery we imagine in those depths with the convenience of an every day hand pipe. Abyss hand pipe is hand crafted in the United States, blown with a thick foundation and comfortable form to fit into your hand nicely.

Nebula has put their best and most creative interpretation into a functional smoking apparatus for the smokers who are drawn to the mystery of the oceans depths and their sea creatures. The Abyss American made glass hand pipe featured is medium sized spoon-shape hand pipe with the 'carb' hole on the left. The colors and techniques used in Abyss are super pristine obviously done by their many talented glass blowers.

Imagine a light seaweed green base color that smears over the foundation of the Abyss hand-pipe. Deep ocean blue frit design with a vibrant black, yellow and white latticino snaking around the pipe like a sea-snake. The mesmerizing front face of the this American made glass hand pipe pipe is a fumed inside out swirl that comes out just enough to give the pipe a comfortable cone shape to the front face.

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Category: Pipes

Type: Pipes & Blunts

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