Nebula Sherlock Glass Pipe from Nebula Glass Studios

Nebula Glass Studios

  • Made in America
  • Length: 8 - 9 inches 

**The trendiest design for a hand pipe in the industry. The Sherlock Holmes inspired design of this Sherlock Glass Pipe is considered a traditional smoking apparatus. Elongated stem, and blown out bowl for the utmost hand-held savvy Sherlock Glass Pipe. The carb hole following in the tradition of being on the left-hand side. This Sherlock Glass Pipe is equipped with an innovative built-in stand for between uses it can stand in an upright manner. This pipe seems pretty self-sufficient besides being able to smoke itself! 

Nebula Sherlock Glass Pipe is hand blown with the adequateness of Sherlock Holmes himself in mind. Sturdy and resilient towards any environment and transporting situation just like the legend. This iconic-designed Sherlock Glass Pipe is available in ravishing red or arctic ice blue and four different design options. 

Nebula Glass Studios in collaboration with offer you the best traditional smoking experience at the best available cost. Known to deliver high-quality functional glass in the most comfortable packaging.

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