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Grav Labs

A sturdy and sleek classic from Grav Labs.

When you've moved on to more advanced chemistry, it's time to reach for the 12" GRAV® Beaker. The clear glass with black accents allows you to watch as the fission downstem diffuses smoke through water for the smoothest hits. The downstem is also removable for easy cleaning. The 12" Beaker features a geometric pinch that doubles as an ice catcher and a splash guard. 


  • Clear Glass
  • Base Width: 3.5"
  • Height: 12"
  • Geometric Punch for an ice-catch and preventing splash back
  • Polished Joint
  • 14mm one Funnel bowl with Fitted Downstem
  • Random Decal Color (Requests in comments section honored if possible)
  • 38mm heavy wall diameter tubing
  • Grav Labs decal on neck (Grav Labs decal colors chosen randomly)
  • Fire cut diffused downstem in beaker base to geometric ice catch
  • Comes with 14mm to 18mm decal'ed downstem and 14mm funnel bowl
  • Designed in Austin, TX

Grav Labs has redesigned all of their standard water pipes to have a lower water line and a better pull. The simple Beaker style was given a thicken more honed in base that will be as durable and last as long as you want it. The innovative new geometric pressed ice catch in the side of the tube reduces splash back and looks cool doing it. These pipes are small but maintain great functionality and don't skimp out on hard hitting rips.

With the advent of an innovative concept in the water pipe, GRAV has introduced appealing water pipes that provide a lower water line and a better pull. The high-end tube lineage encompasses a twelve-inch monster that blazes a perfect bowl promptly for your ripping pleasure. The tube eliminates the use of ice while turning into geometric punch ice-catch that preserves ice and prevents any splash back. These beaker pipes from GRAV are the exemplary design for glass water pipes. While the design comprises a thicker, more honed base that upsurges it’s durable and last as long as you want it. Also, they classic appeal and functionality of beaker will not disappoint you at all. When you hold it, you can perceive the exact strength and durability of the glass.

The adorable style will surely coerce you to test this pipe in your monogrammed bathrobe, sitting around a warm fireplace where you hit the pipe and anticipate life’s mysteries.


    Type: Waterpipes

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