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Introducing NOVA, a revolutionary electronic smoking device that's reshaping the way people savor their smoking experiences. If you're a devotee of herbal smoking, NOVA is tailor-made for your pleasure!

What sets NOVA apart is its pioneering design, seamlessly integrating a plasma arc lighter with a refillable, adaptable smoking pod system. With NOVA, you're in for a clean-burning journey—no need for rolling papers, butane, or coils! Utilizing NOVA is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly single-button operation, affording you precise control over the lighter. Whether you're seeking a quick, one-hit session or a prolonged indulgence, NOVA is committed to simplifying and enhancing your smoking encounters.

The enclosed pod system in NOVA does something really cool - it makes your stuff stop burning when you're not using it. Using NOVA is a breeze: just put your ground material in the pod, turn it on, and start smoking!

It's designed with sleek stainless steel that's tough enough for an active lifestyle. It's small enough to fit in your hand and comes with a handy pocket-sized travel bag. And if you want to make your experience even cooler, you can attach a water bubbler to it in a snap using a magnetic connection.

NOVA - Easy to use on-the-go

Product Spec

Sure, here are the bullet points rewritten for clarity:

  • NOVA Body Material: Made from durable 316 Stainless Steel, with a smooth and heat-resistant ceramic coating.
  • Pod Material: Crafted from high-temperature glazed ceramic for your smoking enjoyment.
  • Heating System: Utilizes a powerful dual plasma arc lighter for efficient and clean burning.
  • Battery Capacity: Equipped with a 1000mAh battery for long-lasting performance.
  • Hits Per Charge: Enjoy approximately 250 hits when activating the lighter for three seconds on a single charge.
  • Charging Time: Recharges in just 1-1.5 hours using a Type-C USB cable, so you can get back to using it quickly.
  • Operating Temperature: Works in a wide temperature range, from 38°F to 110°F (3.5°C to 43°C), ensuring it can be used comfortably in various conditions.
  • Dimensions: NOVA measures 5.1 inches in length and 0.8 inches in width (12.95cm x 2cm), making it a convenient and portable device.

How to use concentrates with NOVA

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    What's in the Box

    • 1x – NOVA Electronic Smoking Pipe
    • 1x – Smell Proof Pod Container (3x pods)
    • 1x – Travel Bag
    • 1x – Replacement Mouthpiece Spring
    • 1x – Replacement pod cap (black)
    • 1x – Loading/Stir Tool
    • 1x – Cleaning Brush
    • 1x – USB Type-C Charging Cable
    • 1x – User Manual
    • 1x – Warranty Registration Card
    • Glass bubbler and Nova Pod Container are bought separately

    Nova Glass Bubbler

    Enhance your NOVA electronic smoking pipe with the incredible bubbler attachment by Transform Cipher! Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this attachment transforms your device into a virtual water pipe, introducing the refreshing allure of water filtration and percolation to your smoking journey. It not only chills your smoke but also captures those unwanted combustion byproducts.

    Moreover, this specially crafted glass attachment introduces a captivating visual dimension as the smoke gracefully swirls through the bubbler. Installation is a breeze – you'll find a magnetic adapter included, making it effortless to replace the standard mouthpiece with the bubbler attachment.

    With the bubbler attachment, your NOVA electronic smoking pipe will deliver silky-smooth, water-cooled hits like never before. Don't let the opportunity slip away – acquire your bubbler attachment today and elevate your smoking experience to new heights!

     Nova Pod Container

    Introducing the Cipher NOVA pod container, your ticket to a more streamlined smoking experience. This handy container comes complete with three additional pods, preloaded and ready for your smoking pleasure at a moment's notice. Designed with a secure screw-on cap, it creates a discreet and airtight haven for your preloaded pods, preserving their freshness and guarding against odors.

    When it's time to fill the pods, we recommend using finely ground material and filling them to about three-quarters full without compacting the contents too tightly. When you're ready to enjoy your smoke session, simply retrieve a pod from the container, remove the silicone cap (store it safely inside the pod container), and insert the pod into your NOVA device. You're primed for a satisfying smoke!

    Cipher stands by your NOVA with a one-year warranty, ensuring its quality and performance meet your expectations. This warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, starting from the date of purchase. To initiate a warranty claim, please register your product and provide proof of purchase. Keep in mind that this warranty is exclusive to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred to others.


    The warranty won't cover any electrical damage that happens when you use the plasma arc lighter in a way other than how it's meant to be used with NOVA.

    Additionally, the warranty won't apply if the device gets damaged because it was dropped, mistreated, soaked in liquid, changed in any way, affected by a natural disaster, or used incorrectly. It also won't cover things like minor cosmetic issues such as marks, dents, chips, or scratches. Plus, if the battery life gradually gets worse over time, that's not covered by the warranty either.

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