10" Glass Beaker from Cali Crusher

Cali Crusher

A classic beaker style water pipe by our friends at Cali Crusher, this 10" bong looks great with its colored glass neck. Complete with two ice catches and their patented "Jet Perc," this thick glass water bong makes for a great daily driver.

The Jet Perc is a double hole system at the end of the fixed glass downstem that creates big bubbles for added filtration of your smoke. Pop a few ice cubes in the neck, and you get a silky smooth smoking experience. This pipe comes with a 14mm male flower bowl with a handle to protect your fingers from heat.

  • 10" Tall
  • Beaker base for added stability
  • 14mm Female finished joint
  • 14mm Male dry herb bowl with handle included
  • Colored glass straight neck
  • 2 Ice pinches
  • Reinforced mouthpiece
  • Fixed downstem with two-hole, "Jet Perc" diffusion
  • Made from 32mm glass tubing
  • Sand blasted Cali Crusher logo on neck
  • Choose from six color options

Type: Water Pipes