The Cannon™ (Herb Grinder)

Monroe Blvd

The Cannon herb grinder has a superior design that features aircraft grade aluminium, which guarantees both speed and quality in grinding your product of choice. Besides, this four-piece super-efficient grinder was designed with an assurance of top level safety and efficiency.

A Rarity. Unlike other grinders, the Cannon has 16 bottom teeth and 12 top teeth (2.2 inch in diameter). This feature enables it to grind to a fine finish that ensures the kief is separated and collected by a pollen screen. It is difficult to spill any herb when grinding since the pollen collector is made to detach smoothly.

Additional Features. With razor sharp teeth, the Cannon ensures the grinding process is fast. It is also easy to disassemble it after use for safer storage. It has a comfortable feel on the hands, whereby moving parts have been texturized to ensure one has a tight grip when grinding. Above all, the Cannon is affordable.

Note: All the products we feature on our website have been designed ONLY for use with tobacco, legal herb, and legal herb based extracts and oil concentrates. Check our terms and conditions here. 

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