Dr Dabber Ghost Kit

Dr. Dabber

The Dr. Dabber Ghost™ has won many awards, including several from High Times for being the best vaporizer pen. What makes it special is its Titanium Technology. It slowly heats up to the right temperature, giving you the best flavor and avoiding a bad burnt taste. Inside, it has a ceramic-lined part with medical grade titanium coils, making the smoke smooth and strong.

The Ghost's battery can be used up to 50 times before needing a recharge, and it only takes an hour to fully charge it. You can also use this battery with most 510 threaded concentrate cartridges. When you buy the Ghost kit, you'll get everything you need to start, like a USB charger, a silicone storage ball, a loading tool, and an extra titanium atomizer in case you need it.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit Specifications

  • MATERIALS: Concentrate + 510 threaded cartridges
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: 1 Temperature setting - 550-650° F
  • HEAT UP TIME: Instant
  • HITS PER CHARGE: Up to 50 heating cycles on a single charge
  • CHARGE TIME: 1 hour for a full charge
  • WARRANTY: We offer a 1 year warranty on the Ghost™ battery, charger, and electrical components
  • DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: 5.15" Height, 0.55" Diameter, 8 oz.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit Features

  • Compatible with Concentrates
  • 510 Threaded
  • Ceramic-Lined Atomizer
  • Medical Grade Titanium Coils
  • Direct Draw Vaporizer
  • Analog Vaporizer
  • Fixed Temperature

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen
  • 1x - Extra Ghost Atomizer
  • 1x - Shatterproof Storage Ball
  • 1x - USB Charger
  • 1x - User Manual

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