Evri Starter Pack Vaporizer - Dab Pen

Dip Devices

Available at 421Store, we present the EVRI by Dip Devices, a versatile vaping and dabbing solution. The EVRI vape comes equipped with a robust 900 mAh battery, connecting effortlessly to various evolving attachments.

These attachments include the Vapor Tip for direct concentrate consumption and the 510/Pod Attachment for use with 510 cartridges and e-juice pods. (You can get the EVRI Quartz Crystal Attachment separately.) As you enjoy, the EVRI dab straw and pen continue to grow with new attachments on the horizon. (Please note that the cartridge in the picture is not included with the attachment.)

For the best performance and flavor, consider replacing your vape attachments every 6-8 weeks.

evri-starter-pack-vaporizer-dipper-dab-pen-marijuana-dab-Pen- (19)

To support drug policy reform, we donate 1% of all EVRI sales to MPP.org and SSDP.org. Additionally, we donate an extra 1% based on color:

  • Black: Supporting Racial Justice
  • Red: Advocating for Blood Donation
  • Blue: Backing Marine Conservation
  • Green: Promoting Reforestation and Land Conservation
  • Orange: Fighting Food Insecurity


  • Magnetic, universal battery
  • Multi-functional consumption
  • Innovative, replaceable Vapor Tip Atomizer
  • Ceramic tip with instant heat nichrome coil center
  • 510/Pod Compatible
  • 3 heat settings
  • Compact, versatile design
  • Micro-USB rechargeable battery

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