Eyce ORAFLEX Switchback Spoon Pipe


Introducing the Spoon pipe – the newest addition to Eyce's exclusive ORAFLEX series, available only through Eyce and safeguarded by a utility patent. ORAFLEX (Overmolded Rubber Art) pipes are crafted with two layers of platinum-cured silicone. The outer layer, crystal clear, gives it a sleek, glossy look reminiscent of handcrafted glass pipes.

The unique switchback design showcases a distinct base color complemented by lively, hand-painted details. Additionally, the ORAFLEX Spoon comes in Floral, Spiral, and Honeycomb designs.

This extraordinary pipe provides a glass-like experience with its ergonomic grip and a removable borosilicate glass bowl for effortless cleaning. It even includes a concealed ash poker for added convenience. With a wide range of options, you can choose from 20 different colors and 4 pattern variations for this remarkable pipe.

  • Ergonomic Spoon Pipe
  • Hand Blown Glass Aesthetic
  • Double-Layered Silicone
  • Covered By Utility Patent
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Removable Borosilicate Glass Bowl
  • Multiple Designs Available
  • 5 Color Variations Per Pattern, 4 Pattern Designs
  • 4.25” x 2” x 1.75”

Category: Pipes

Type: Unknown Type

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