Eyce Sidecar


The Eyce Sidecar is a game-changer, blurring the lines between traditional glass and silicone rigs. It stands out as the premier choice among silicone sidecar rigs in the market. This innovative piece offers the durability of silicone with the performance of glass, giving you the ultimate smoking experience.

The Eyce Sidecar stands out for its user-friendly design, featuring a swiveling neck that allows users to tailor their rig to their liking, delivering a one-of-a-kind smoking experience and aesthetic. It comes with a high-quality 14mm Quartz Bucket, an integrated concentrate holder, and a carb cap, elevating the experience to a luxurious level.

This silicone sidecar rig seamlessly combines durability, elegance, and functionality, making it a true symbol of stylish sophistication. Its unique blend of features sets it apart as a top choice for those seeking both performance and luxury in their smoking accessories.

Eyce Sidecar Arm Rotation

The Sidecar Includes
  • Platinum Cured Silicone Body
  • 14mm Quartz Bucket
  • Glass Container Lid / Carb Cap
  • Steel Poker

* Can be converted for use with dry material



Category: Dab Rigs

Type: Dab Rig

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