Focusvape Pro-S For loose leaf (Basic and Premium)


The Focusvape Pro-S has all the things we love about the Focusvape Pro and the original Focusvape. Offering the most sought out, flavorful vapor on the market. iFocus is changing the game for loose leaf vaporizers by creating them to be easy-to-use and crafting them with the user in mind.  This vaporizer has personable temperature setting starting at 80°C and increasing in 1° increments all the way up to 240°C (76°F-464°F). The one characteristic that set the Focusvape Pro-S apart from the rest is the Aluminum shell that protects all the scientific technology on the inside from getting too warm.

  • OLED display( temperature range: 80°C-240°C/ 76°F-464°F)

  • Airflow control valve

  • Vibration indication upon powering on

  • Vibration indication when vaporizer is ready to use

  • Quick heating up time: 35 seconds

  • Changeable 18650 Battery

  • Original Samsung 18650, 1 X (3200mAh) high-drain battery

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Category: Herb Vaporizers

Type: Vaporizer

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