4" Grav Labs Frosted Spoon Glass Bowl

Grav Labs

Everyone loves frosting. With these unique 4" Grav Labs Frosted Spoon, you will be indulging your senses in a smoke euphoria. Hand crafted by expert glass makers in Oregon, it is comprised of high quality hand blown borosilicate glass. Why be plain, when frosting makes things so much better. 

4" length.

Take a chill pill with these Grav Labs frosted hand pipes. Enjoy all the same traditional features of the Grav Labs pipe with a new appealing twist. Grav Labs is an established name in the American glass industry, always dealing with talented artists that share like views on high quality smoking device's.

The sand blasted technique used on these pipes is both aesthetically pleasing and serves a functional purpose. Being blasted with sand causes the hand pipe to form a gritty texture that can help with better handling.

Grav Labs' trademark built-in ash catcher at the mouth never fails to impress even the most sophisticated of smoker's.

Category: Pipes

Type: Pipes & Blunts

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