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Nebula Glass Studios

Galaxy glass pipe. Get lost in these molten galaxy inspired hand pipes by Nebula Glass Studios always pristine, always professional. Nebula Glass Studios strive to make sturdy and unique glass smoking apparatus's. While strives provide all your proud American glass pipes and to be the most convenient online smoke shop with the best prices on the market.

  • Made in American
  • Length: 4.25 inches

This simple yet intriguing Galaxy American glass pipe comes (galaxy smoking pipe) in a blue galaxy theme or a red galaxy theme which are both blown with the same professional precision as the next. The themed colors and corresponding hues are pulled down the stem in a spiral motion towards the blown out center section. Creating an deep and detailed illusion of a vortex or wormhole. Also, the design contains frit technique to create our beautifully chaotic stars in the sky.

Galaxy is a medium sized spoon-styled hand pipe, American glass pipe, with a thick foundation and a convenient size this hand pipe fits in most traveling cases for comfortable and stress-free transport.

Galaxy glass pipe. This hand made galaxy smoking pipe depicts the galaxy in all it's unorganized glory, brought to you in an everyday functional smoking device. This American glass pipe is perfect for galaxy lovers, extraterrestrial lovers, and lovers of mysteries of all sorts!

Category: Pipes

Type: Pipes & Blunts

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