Grav Lab's Globe Bubbler

Grav Labs

Experience the enchantment of the GRAV® Globe Bubbler, exclusively available at 421Store. This remarkable bubbler, crafted by Grav Labs, presents a mesmerizing blend of light and durable glass, shaped into a captivating sphere. It's an invitation to escape the ordinary.

Inside this striking globe, you'll discover a 10-hole cone-shaped percolator that expertly filters smoke through water, ensuring a cool and smooth experience. Watch in awe as the smoke swirls within, reminiscent of a magical snow globe, before enjoying a perfectly cleared hit.

The Grav Globe Bubbler offers consistently delightful and easy-to-handle sessions, suitable for both flower enthusiasts and those who prefer to attach a 14mm banger for an elevated dabbing adventure.

Embark on a unique journey with the GRAV® Globe Bubbler - no travel plans needed, just pure enjoyment.


  • Comes with: 14mm Cup Bowl
  • Designed by: Micah Evans
  • Dimensions: 4.75" W x 4.5" H

 Grav Globe Bubbler Review

Category: Bubbler

Type: Waterpipes

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