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Grav Labs

4" GRAV® Beaker Hand Pipe made on 25mm tubing with self-standing bowl, ergonomic carb, and flush mouthpiece.

  • Length  Height : 4" 
  • Use  With : Flower 
  • Carb : On The Right 
  • Designed  By : Stephan Peirce 

The GRAV® Beaker Spoon features the distinctive silhouette of our beaker water pipes, yet requires no water or additional elements for operation. Its sturdy construction allows it to stay upright when placed, making it ideal for easy access between inhalations. Not simply for aesthetics, its construction is ergonomically sound with a properly sized carb and comfortable mouthpiece. All evidence indicates that this pipe will be embraced with enthusiasm.

Category: Bubbler, Water Pipe

Type: Water Pipes

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