3" Grav Labs Chillum

Grav Labs

**This petite concise Chillum is a great little piece. The product from Grav Labs incorporates frit color inward- outward with a thick wall clear borosilicate which makes it tried and true smoker's tool. This 3" long patented chamber are prominent for encompassing tiny holes pointing at the same sides, also an opening is placed at the top of the chamber. The 3 micro-holes swirl the smoke like a tornado. Also, the opening enables a minor amount of fresh air to fuse with smoke in order to cool down while pressing smoke against the walls of the bulb, producing an irreplaceable swirling effect. Perfect for its name and concerts, this tiny GRAV LABS CHILLUM encompasses a small bowl with enough space for producing on flavorful hit. The tool is advantageous for connoisseurs and competition judges to test a product.

This patient product from GRAV LABS CHILLUM feature with the great outdoors is available in an assortment of colors.

GRAV Chillums feature colored inside-out frit within thick wall clear borosilicate. Perfect for concerts and the great outdoors. This little chillum is compact and great on the go.

  • Approximately 3" long
  • Hourglass style funnel bowl
  • Random Grav decal colors
  • Random rollstop colors

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