4" Grav Labs Glass Blunt from Your Favorite Online Smoke Shop!

Grav Labs

Grav Lab's glass blunts surpass others with the custom fittings and a modern design. They are made from heavy-walled tubing and work like a champ. Color of "GRAV" print varies.

The GRAV® Glass Blunt extends to 4" long and is made on 12mm tubing. Its outer sleeve fits around a slender mouthpiece with a pinched end designed to block ash and plant matter. The two pieces are held together by a segment of custom fitted heat shrink tubing. During use, the mouthpiece is pushed further into the outer sleeve to gradually ash the blunt and expose fresh plant matter. No accessories or water are necessary for using this blunt.

More bang for your bowl: featuring a secure fitting, allowing users to easily adjust their mouthpiece and choose how much or how little to pack and smoke.

 Grav Labs Glass Blunt Review


Category: Glass Blunts, Pipes

Type: Pipes & Blunts

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