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The GRAV® Grinder is 2.25" tall and made of anodized CNC aluminum. The 15 teeth and holes in its upper chamber are well-spaced to prevent clogging. Three polycarbonate windows in the central chamber allow a snapshot of the grinder's contents. Its bottom chamber features a magnetic kief screen that can be removed for easy scraping using a GRAV® aluminum scraping tool. The edge of the tool is curved to perfectly fit the interior curve of the grinder.

  • Height: 2.5"
  • Diameter: 2.25"
  • 4 pieces
  • Quick change screen
  • Protected Polycarbonate window
  • Powerful Magnets
  • Metal pollen scoop

The GRAV grinder makes the best use of many grinder improvements and trends. It reminds us of the canisters of ooze from Ninja Turtles, but you know, that's because it's so sciencey. It is made from anodized aerospace aluminum and the grinding plate is held on with a crazy-strong magnet. The built-in Polycarbonate viewing window lets you see all the fluffy herb you've ground and is reinforced by the surrounding metal shell, so it won't get scratched and scuffed like other grinders.

The blade plate has spots to load your nugs in and the curved elongated blades leave no blind spots in the chamber. Probably the coolest thing is the easy change screen that just pops out with the simple pull of the handle. Of course, with such a well-built screen, you will be waiting a long time before you need to replace it. The extra grippy gear-like plates on top and bottom ensure that if turning becomes difficult you can apply the necessary torque to keep things moving.  

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