GRAV Helix 7" Standard Multi Kit

Grav Labs

The kit's three attachments pair with the mouthpiece: a spoon head designed for use with plant matter, a hammer bubbler head designed to offer water filtration, and a vapor nozzle designed for use with plant extract.

The connection between an attachment and the mouthpiece is secured by a 14mm plastic joint clamp. The kit includes everything necessary to build all three assemblies, and the bubbler attachment functions best with approximately 0.5" of water

  • Length  Height : 7"
  • Joint : 14mm Male & 14mm Female
  • Use  With : Flower & Concentrate
  • Carb : On The Left
  • Comes  With : 14mm Plastic Joint Clamp
  • Designed  By : Will Menzies
  • Designed in Austin, TX.
A flexible and transformative product for those who want it all. 
  • Modular units for flexible smoking arrangements: a diffused bubbler, a spoon head, and a concentrate taster
  • Helix mouthpiece
  • Comes with plastic clip clamps

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Category: Bubbler

Type: Waterpipes

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