7” Grav Labs Steamroller Hand Pipe

Grav Labs

Grav Labs presents this sleek and powerful steamroller.

This is the 7" steamroller from Grav Labs. This glass hand pipe is hand blown from 25mm clear tubing. Features feet for a sturdy stand, built-in ashcatcher to keep your mouth ash free, and Grav Labs decal. This pipe is made by Grav Labs and distributed from Austin, Texas.


  • Approx. 7″ in length
  • 19mm diameter glass tubing
  • Glass marble feet 
  • Ashcatching mouthpiece
  • Carb on front of piece
  • 25mm Tubing
  • Built-In Ashcatcher
  • Heavy Duty Glass Steamroller
  • Random Colored Accents
  • Scientific Glass
  • Random decal color
  • Designed in Austin, TX

**Steamrollers are made of heavy wall tubing and come with assorted decal colors.

These are absolutely not for anyone who has just started to smoke. You know why, because this Streamroller Glass Pipe will deliver strong and active hits! Its hits are basically what attracts the fans of these Glass Pipes, the steamrollers!

If you are going to a vacation do not forget to pack your steamrollers because all you would want is to lay on the beach, bask in the sun, and get powerful hits until the sunset, you would not need to pack up your pipe over and again. It would be your time to relax and your time to be lazy!

You will also get another benefit out of steamrollers; they do not create ash, so you would not need to carry an ashtray either. Steamrollers were named because they look like the pipe on base of a steamroller train, although these pipes got the shape of the Native Americans’ calumet pipes.

These glass pipes Streamrollers are basically build in such a way that its heavy-wall tubing open at both ends. Steamrollers are available in different colors and sizes Check our Grav Labs 7-inch Streamroller Glass Pipe here


  • If selected color is not available or out of stock we will contact you immediately.

  • Please be advised that all computer screens are configured differently and therefore will display colors differently.

  • Some pipe images shown are stock photos and may not reflect your exact choice of color. The pipes colors displayed below are very close representations of the actual colors though, but may not be exact. 

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Type: Pipes & Blunts

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