13'' Grav Labs Flare Stemless w/ Coil-Showerhead 60x5mm | 14mm joint

Grav Labs

Built with durable 60x5mm borosilicate glass, the Coil Showerhead Water Pipe is built to function forever. Granted, you should still be careful with this glass piece - it is still glass after all. Inside the chamber, you will find a fantastic coiled showerhead perc - fashioned similar to one of those coiled water slides of yesteryear - meaning you’ll get highly filtrated, full-flavored hits.

  • Coiled showerhead
  • Stemless flare
  • 60x5mm glass
  • 14mm joint
  • Random Decal Color (Requests in comments section honored if possible

Category: Water Pipe

Type: Waterpipes

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