GRAV® Coffee Mug Pocket Bubbler From Grav

Grav Labs

Check out the GRAV Coffee Mug Pocket Bubbler for a quirky twist on your smoking routine. Shaped like your morning espresso cup, this little gem is not just a conversation starter but also a smooth operator. 

Slip your finger through the loop and enjoy a casual hold as you take in the smooth hits, courtesy of its savvy percolator downstem. This design doesn't just catch the eye; it cools your smoke, ensuring each inhale is as enjoyable as it is cool. 

Compact and discreet at 2.75" x 2.25", with a 10mm female joint, it's perfect for flower aficionados looking for a blend of fun and functionality. Comes with a 10mm cup bowl and a 2-cut percolator for that extra smoothness. Dreamed up by Micah Evans, this pocket bubbler promises to be your go-to for laid-back sessions. 

  • Size: 2.75" x 2.25"
  • Joint: 10mm Female
  • Use With: Flower
  • Includes: 10mm Cup Bowl
  • Filtration: 2-Cut Percolator
  • Designed By: Micah Evans

    More Product Features:

    • Compact design, half the size of the full-sized Coffee Mug Bubbler, perfect for an espresso-shot size hit.
    • Features a two-hole percolator downstem for cooling smoke in shallow water.
    • 45° mouthpiece to prevent splashback, with a slightly downward-angled hole for safer lighting.
    • Includes a little glass handle for a comfortable grip, especially when you're just waking up.
    • Comes with a GRAV® 10mm Cup Bowl; compatible with a 10mm 90° quartz banger (not included) for conversion into a mini dab rig.

    Questions? Just a quick shout to Ayad at, and I've got you covered! 

    Category: Bubbler, Water Pipe

    Type: Waterpipes

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