Mixed Frit Stand up Green Bubbler Pipe from Nebula Glass Studios

Nebula Glass Studios

**Hypnotizing mixed frit swirled stand-up bubbler pipe is crafted by elite artists for elite smokers such as yourself. Add this unique and durable bubbler pipe to your collection for the smoothest and purest smoke. Nebula Glass Studios produces all American and expertly blown smoking apparatus's that are specifically designed to deliver a pristine smoking experience. 

This densely green and white fritted stand-up bubbler pipe is easily transportable compact water pipe because of its thick foundation. Having the all the perks of your traditional water pipe condensed into a hand held version is great for people who travel a lot or who have limited space to store your smoking accessories. This mixed frit bubbler pipe will deliver elite performance and resilient durability.

421Store wants you to have the best of the best smoking accessories, and they believe luxury shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

Category: Bubbler

Type: Waterpipes

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