Green Glow Double Glass Bubbler Pipe from Nebula Glass Studios

Nebula Glass Studios

  • Made in America
  • Height: 6.7 inches

**Glows like Kraken's eyes and skin. Delivers a powerful hit just like the roaring water when Kraken wakes. Green Glow is a highly innovative double glass bubbler pipe offering you double the water filtration for a very smooth and thick smoke every time. With a comfortable size and shape for any hand that is to hold this double glass bubbler pipe.

Green Glow is perfectly designed to sit upright on its own and it appears to be a perfectly balanced, stacked glass bubbler pipe. While sitting on its own it has a counter balance effect between the base and the mouthpiece. This gives the artistic smokers eyes the ability to best admired the depth of the piece artistically and aesthetically.

This double glass bubbler pipe has the carb hole featured on the left as to follow smoking tradition. As well as, a clear glass peek-hole in between the two water filtration chambers for a visual show while you are smoking.

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Category: Bubbler

Type: Waterpipes

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