8.75” Grav Lab's Helix™ Clear Straight Base W/ Fixed Downstem Water Pipe

Grav Labs

A beaker base brought to the next level with a Helix Flute.

Helix water pipe is a scientific smoking experience offering a smooth and cool smoke. Eye appealing to all as the smoke whirls in a tornado formation into the mouthpiece. Grav Labs believes in producing highly professional and pristine functional Glass. This Helix Water Pipe has a crystal clear finish with the traditional beaker bottom style and Helix emblem we have grown to trust. Also Equipped with a shower-head down stem to offer the smoothest smoke in the simplest manner. The Helix Water Pipe is convenient to keep clean with minimal small crevices and thick aesthetics. Superior foundation to provide extreme durability for everyday use. 

  • Grav Labs Helix water pipe
  • 8.75" Height
  • 60mm diameter tubing with 5mm thick walls
  • Fixed decaled diffused downstem
  • Helix decal on Flute mouthpiece
  • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
  • Designed in Austin, TX

  • Scientifically crafted for the most elite smokers, like yourself. Bringing the most extreme smoking adventure to any occasion big or small. The Helix Water Pipe is ready to give you the greatest smoking encounter that will change the way you think about smoking. Overall high quality water pipe designed by Grav Labs at an affordable price only offered by our online smoke shop; 421store.com

    helix pipe review

    GRAV never stops developing new and interesting ways to get you blazed. They went back to the drawing board for their most recent Helix Water Pipe line and created honed-in mouthpieces that sit atop perfectly balanced body pieces each with a unique design. The trusted performance of this Helix Water Pipe Mouthpiece along with the ease of a built-in downstem and fixed showerhead perc makes for a long, ultra-smooth, perfect hit. The Helix Water Pipe (One-Hitter bowl) is just the right amount for a single rip that tastes great from start to finish.

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