The Hoard - Dry loose leaf Container

Monroe Blvd

Lifetime Warranty In North America only. Just mail us your damaged glass container and we will ship you a brand new one. For more information, please contact us here

The Hoard is a glass dry loose leaf container that can store up to 20 grams of loose leaf. Because this product excels in keeping air out, you can expect your loose leaf to be dry and untouched by outside chemicals.

The Hoard’s classy design is complimented by its airtight seal and a Beechwood lid. The seal is not there just to provide an esthetic boost to the product, it has other important qualities such as longevity and robustness. If you don’t abuse it, you should expect this container to last a very long time.

It’s dimensions are 8 cm tall with a diameter of 7 cm. With this sizing, most people find one unit to be sufficient for their storage, but of course, you can always buy more units to accommodate your needs.


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