HoneyDabber II Nectar Collector for Concentrates

Honey Labs LLC

Introducing the HoneyDabber II by Honey Labs – an affordable and ultra-portable dab straw that's easy on the wallet.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Laser-engraved design
  • Choose between Quartz or Titanium tip
  • Crafted with cherrywood and sealed with linseed oil
  • Super compact at just 5" in length
  • Can be stashed away even when hot
  • Proudly made in the USA

What's Included in the Box:

  • 1x HoneyDabber II
  • 1x Replacement Tip
  • 1x Platinum-cured silicone container
  • 1x Hand-finished wooden box

Check out the videos below for guidance on using and replacing tips for your HoneyDabber II™ 

This exceptional piece is constructed from top-notch materials, including cherry hardwood, CP2 Titanium, and neodymium magnets, ensuring sturdiness and durability. Notably, our Titanium is pure and free from any chemicals or residues, and the titanium straw is precision-fit with no need for adhesives. For those who savor the true flavors and aromas of waxy oils, our quartz crystal straw is a game-changer. The Honey Dabber II is tailored for wax concentrate enthusiasts who cherish simplicity and a touch of homegrown charm.

What sets the Honey Dabber II apart? It's the only concentrate straw that can be stowed away while still hot! This innovation is made possible by our Patent Pending design, featuring a removable heat-resistant sleeve that shields you and your surroundings from the hot tip after every use.

And now, we've added the convenience of interchangeable tips! Swiftly and effortlessly switch between Titanium or Quartz tips to suit your style. You can choose which tip you'd like your Honey Dabber to come with. Currently, the options available are Titanium or Quartz.


  • Hand made, durable, and convenient!
  • Quartz and Titanium Straws
  • Cherry Wood Sleeve
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Easy-to-Use

How to use a Honey Dabber

 Directions/Warnings for use

Here's a simplified version of the product instructions:

Step One: Take off the wooden sleeve that can be easily removed.

Step Two: Use a butane torch or lighter to heat the end of the exposed titanium or quartz tip for a few seconds. These tubes heat up quickly because they have thin walls. Just 4-7 seconds is enough. Be careful not to overheat, as it can damage the mouthpiece or the tip.

  • For the titanium tip, heat it until it glows red, and then wait for the redness to fade before using it with your essential oil wax.
  • Make sure not to aim the flame down the tube towards the mouthpiece. Doing so could make the flame reach inside the mouthpiece and damage the wood, silicone tip mount, or rubber cap.

Step Three: While you inhale through the wooden mouthpiece, apply the hot tip at a slight angle into your legal concentrate wax. Check the diagram and descriptions for guidance on how to do this correctly.

Step Four: Gently put the removable wooden sleeve back over the hot end of the tip until it attaches with the magnets. Let the device cool completely with the wooden sleeve on before using it again. Repeated use without allowing it to cool can overheat the inside parts.

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