HoneyDabber II Nectar Collector for Concentrates

Honey Labs LLC

Honey Dabber is manufactured with care in Northeast Ohio. Made of high quality materials such as cherry hardwood, CP2 Titanium, and neodymium magnets, Honey Dabber II boasts solid build quality and longevity. The titanium used in the Honey Dabber II are free of chemicals or residues and the titanium straw is press fitted with no adhesives used. The quartz crystal straw preserves the essential flavors and aromas of waxy oils. The Honey Dabber II is ideal for wax concentrate enthusiasts who prefer simplicity and convenience with a homespun feel

The only concentrate straw that can be put away hot! Made possible by a Patent Pending design that uses a removable heat resistant sleeve to protect the user and their surroundings from the hot tip after each use!

Now with the added capability of using replacement tips! Quickly and easily switch between Titanium or Quartz tips. Choose which style tip you would like yours to come with! Current options are Titanium or Quartz.


  • Hand made, durable, and convenient!
  • Quartz and Titanium Straws
  • Cherry Wood Sleeve
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Easy-to-Use

How to use a Honey Dabber

 Directions/Warnings for use

Step One: Remove the patent pending removable wooden sleeve.

Step Two: Using a butane torch or lighter, apply the flame directly to the end of the exposed titanium or quartz tip for a few seconds. Because the thickness of the tubes have thin walls, it will heat up quickly.

  • 4-7 seconds is all that is needed. Overheating can cause excessive heat to transfer into the mouthpiece or compromise the integrity of the quarts/Rubber components.
  • For the titanium tip, heat it until you see the end start to glow red. Once it starts to glow red wait until the redness fades completely before applying it to your essential oil wax.
  • Do not point flame down the tube towards the mouthpiece. Doing so could cause the flame to reach the interior of the mouthpiece and cause the wood, medical grade silicone tip mount, or rubber mouthpiece cap to combust.

Step Three: While inhaling through the wooden mouthpiece, apply the hot tip at a slight angle, as to not make a complete seal around the tip, into your legal concentrate wax. ​Please see diagram and descriptions above for more direction on how to and how not to apply the hot tip to your wax.

Step Four: Carefully replace the patent pending removable wooden sleeve over the hot exposed end of the tip until the magnets clasp. ​Allow the device to cool completely with the patent pending removable wooden sleeve slid over the tip shielding you from the hot tip after use before using again. Repeated use without allowing the device to cool completely can cause overheating of the interior components. Honey labs LLC and 421Store shall not be held accountable for any harm, injuries, or damages caused by misuse of this product or negligence of these warnings/Directions.

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