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A Revolutionary New Way to Transform Your Glass

The Big-E™ is your desktop vape station, an e rig dab. This adapter kit replaces the torch that has long dictated how one would use aromatic extracts with something much more versatile and less worrisome.


Quartz Glass

The first iteration of Big-E™ uses quartz glass vaporization element with a removable integrated 30W heater with an internal diameter of 0.46"/11.8mm. Because it's made from pure quartz glass, it takes 90 seconds to heat up from room temperature, but once there, it retains the heat and offers fantastic temperature stability and unmatched flavor.

Great for low temperature use, coupled with the carb cap. The Big-E™ base, a patent-pending docking station with elastomeric traction grips your treasured Glass securely and electrifies it - no matter where you're going.

Lastly, you're no longer limited by the need for electric power and an extension cord. Now you can travel around your house (or backyard, beach or party) without being tethered to a wall. So let it rip on the move.



Power, Performance and Portability

Hands down, this is the most powerful portable on the market. Packed with 48W of portable power, enjoy up to 25 sessions or 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

The adjustable session time is perfect for high-volume use in social settings - and for dialing in your preferred session length for personal use.


Precise Temperature Control and Stability

Use the control panel to precisely tune the quartz glass (in 14mm male and 14mm female) to your desired temperature. Precision 10bit ADC ensures temperature stability and accuracy. Dial in your preferred temperature for optimal flavor.

Big-E™, with its elastomeric traction, holds your Glass securely. But if Big-E™ happens to be knocked over, a sensor detects this occurrence and disables heating of the quartz glass to keep the environment safe.



Big-E™’s Magical Coat

Big-E™ was engineered to provide a cleaner experience™. The quartz glass is medical grade, chemically inert and non-porous.

The working surface of the quartz glass will not to trap any residue, is easy to clean and will never release any hazardous chemicals or substances of any kind.

What does all this mean?
It means you get the tastiest experience every time, no matter what temperature you choose.

Built-in Stash Drawer

Keep your gear organized all in one place. No need to tote around extra storage containers.

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Easy to Clean - Cleaning Mode

Enable the self-cleaning mode by first getting Big-E™ into operating mode (LED green) and then hold the GO Button and the minus button on the control panel in order to carbonize any residue (LED purple). Enter the cleaning mode for a couple sessions and then swab down any remnants using isopropyl alcohol.

Charging / Recharging / Power Output Port System Ever

HYER incorporated the ultra-versatility of the USB-C industry standard to create one revved-up charging port. Receiving up to 18W of power from the included charger for ultra fast charging.

And USB-C is reversible, so no matter how you plug in, it’s always right side up. The bonus? Included USB output port that has the power to charge your phone.

The Ultimate Tool for Every Water Pipe
Ceramic Heater Smart Switch

The most universal accessory coupling port - ever. With SmartSwitch™ technology, attach a ground material element (coming soon) or one geared towards aromatic extracts. Big-E knows your module type! 

These other elements will be released soon. Imagine being able to seamlessly transition from using concentrate to leaf... Well soon you can. SmartSwitch™ will allow just that. Customize your experience!

The HYER Big-E™ is a revolutionary device that transforms almost any glass rig into a portable, hi-tech e-rig. Torch-free technology eliminates use of a butane torch from the equation and provides heat via a ceramic element. The expandable base allows the Big-E to house practically any glass water pipe, from flat base to beaker. Featuring a precise temperature control, the user can select their desired setting to the specific degree, making it convenient for low temp dabs. Thanks to a battery capacity that is capable of two hours of use, or 25 sessions, the Big-E is truly a portable dab rig.


The Big-E utilizes a ceramic heating element that is positioned underneath the quartz banger and can provide continuous heat. This removes the need for a butane powered torch, creating a combustion free experience. It also ensures a quick heat up time so there is little time from turning it on to when you are dabbing. The quartz banger not only heats up rapidly, it is also an inert material that retains the flavor profiles. And the bowl-like design of the banger keeps your concentrates contained as you dab so nothing is wasted.


A dial controlled, expandable base can hold most water pipes comfortably and securely. The soft silicone traction grips prevent the glass from easily slipping out of the Big-E, creating a seamless connection, and making for an all-in-one dab experience. There are a variety of water pipes available and Hyer has you covered by including two 14mm quartz bangers, both a male and female right in the box. Also included is a 14mm to 18mm adapter to almost guarantee that you’ve got a water pipe which is compatible with the Hyer Big-E electronic dab base. And if you have multiple pipes, they can be quickly swapped so your setup is constantly changing.


To achieve consistent dabs with every session, the Big-E features a precision temperature control that can be set to the exact degree. With full control of the temperature you will be able to dial in the perfect setting for any concentrate. Able to reach up to 750°F and with 10 bit ADC temperature sensing, the device heats up in 90 seconds. However, by keeping the temp on the lower side, a variety of flavor profiles can be revealed. This technique is known as low temp dabbing and is often considered the leading method of consumption among connoisseurs. And to round out the experience, the Hyer Big-E includes an LED indicator that changes colors to signal when your desired temperature has been reached.


This is a wireless world, and everyone is constantly on the go, so people require easy portability in their dab rig. The Big -E contains four 3300 mAh batteries that provide 25 sessions that is equivalent to two hours of use. This design makes the Big-E more powerful than most portable e-rigs which often house only one battery. The built-in stash drawer can hold a small amount of concentrate, which makes it quickly accessible, so you are always dab ready. And if you want to use the Big-E at home, it offers passthrough charging to avoid the batteries being unnecessarily drained. The folks at Hyer thought of everything and have got your dab needs covered.


The HYER Big-E is equipped with a cleaning mode. Ensure the Big-E is heated, the indicator LED is green, the wall adapter is plugged in and the USB-C charging cable is connected, and then press the GO and the (-) buttons on the control panel to enter cleaning mode. The indicator LED will flash purple when in cleaning mode. The Big-E heats up the nail and burns off any residue. Additionally, you can maintain your nails by using Higher Standards Pipe Stix—these will swab the inner chamber of the banger until clean.


  • Place the your rig on the Big-E, adjusting the grips so that they are holding the glass tightly in place.
  • Gently put the Big-E’s nail into the downstem.
  • Turn the Big-E on via the main power button on the control panel
  • Using the (+) and (-) buttons on the control panel, dial in your desired temperature.
  • Once your temperature has been achieved, dab your concentrate onto the nail, inhaling from your rig’s mouthpiece.


  • 1x HYER Clamp-On Base
  • 1x SmartSwitch™ Magnetic Cable
  • 1x Carb Cab / Concentrate Tool
  • 1x USB C Charging Cable
  • 1x 18W Wall Charging Adapter
  • 1x 14mm Glass Adapter
  • 1x Electronic Vaporization Element 30W
  • 4x 3300 mAh Batteries
  • NOTE: Water Pipe Not Included
  • Made from Pure Quartz Glass
  • Great for low temperature use
  • Diameter of 0.46"/11.8mm
  • Precise Temperature Control & Stability

Type: Vaporizer