Kayd Mayd - The 9 Incher Water Pipe - 9" Beaker w/ Hand Grip & Ice Pinch

Kayd Mayd

The Kayd Mayd 3D Printed Beaker Waterpipe stands 9.5". Made with 3D printed plastic and includes a glass diffused downstem and herb slide. These pipes are made to be extremely durable and shatter-resistant so they can withstand repeated drops onto solid concrete.

Because these pipes are so durable they are a great option for bringing to festivals, on camping trips and anywhere else that requires a travel-friendly pipe. Made in the USA, these brightly colored pipes each have a unique color pattern so that no two pipes are the same.

Thoughtfully designed, these pipes also have a built-in mini Bic lighter holster which makes it easy to pass during your smoke sesh. 

Water Pipe Features:

  • 9.5" / 14mm female beaker waterpipe
  • 3D-printed plastic 
  • Extremely durable & shatter-resistant
  • Glass diffused downstem - 14mm
  • Glass herb slide - 14mm (included)
  • Built-in lighter holster
  • Built-in ice catcher
  • Made in the USA
  • Assorted colors (Note: color may vary)

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - The 9 Incher - 9" Beaker w/ Hand Grip & Ice Pinch
  • 1x - Downstem
  • 1x - Glass Bowl

      Type: Waterpipes