King Palm Hand Rolled Leaf- Mini Pre-Roll Cone 2-pack Overview

King Palm

The King Palm Hand Rolled Mini Cones are a best-seller, and the natural terpene flavors puts regular papers to shame. These mini cones are for the true connoisseur looking for ultimate taste and an all-natural alternative to a traditional rolling paper. Many people will never go back to flavored rolling papers after they try one of our flavor options. The corn husk design makes the perfect filter tip for smoking herbs by reducing the smoke's harshness.

Features & specs: 

  • Each can fill with 1 gram of herbs
  • Food Grade terpene infused essential oil
  • Humidity pack to prevent staleness
  • Biodegradable and glue-free. 

Selling Points:

  • Taste Better Than Flavored Rolling Papers
  • Slow-burning leaf
  • Filter Tip With Outstanding Functionality 

What's in the box:

  • 20x King Palm Mini Rolls
  • 1x Bamboo stick
  • 1x Humidity pack
  • 1x Storage Tube

Category: Blunts

Type: Pre-Rolls

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