KØL Spoon - A cleaner, cooler high


Pipes always were - and still are - the easiest and most portable solution for enjoying herbs. However, many people don't like the harshness of smoke with a standard pipe, nor the breakable nature of glass pieces. That's where HØJ comes in with their KØL pipe. 


  • Regular size: 5.9 Inches
  • Mini: 4.4 Inches
  • Award Winning
  •  Built to Last
  •  Comes Apart For Cleaning
  •  Cool and Smooth Hits
  •  Eco-Friendly Packaging
  •  Ideal For Travel
  •  Includes Three Filters
  •  Innovative Design
  •  Patent-Pending Diffusion System
  •  Rare Earth Magnet
  •  Spoon
  •  Stainless Steel Filter
  •  Stylish Design

This premium pipe was awarded by Herb as the best pipe of 2020, and it's no wonder. Among thousands of pipes that look and operate virtually the same, KØL is a proof there's still place for invention. This ingenious pipe stands out with its patent-pending channel design with a re-usable filter. This unique system pushes the smoke into multiple vortexes, cooling it and making it so smooth you almost don't feel it at all when inhaling. 

The gorgeous and ingenious design is inspired by scales of the Mako shark, and requires no water to deliver the smooth smoke comparable to bongs.  Another awesome thing about the piece is its stylish, ergonomic and sustainable construction.


The pipe is made of recyclable anodized aluminum and rare earth magnets. It has a minimalistic shape with sleek lines and curves which give it a luxurious feel. The piece comes with 3 titanium coated stainless steel filters. 

We mentioned the piece contains magnets, and that's why you can easily disassemble it when it's time for cleaning. Just wipe any residue and wash it with water, and you're ready to enjoy again. 

The revolutionary KØL comes in packaging made of 100% renewable and sustainable materials. An awesome pick for anyone who wants to enjoy super-smooth hits with a piece that's eco-friendly, travel-ready, and built-to-last.

Lifetime Warranty

HØJ provides a lifetime warranty on the teeth on their grinders. If your grinder ever breaks, contact us and we'll replace it.

Warranty terms and conditions: HØJ products are designed to last a lifetime, however, HØJ doesn't responsibility for bent blades or the demagnetization of magnets due to the induction of electricity, extreme heating or corrosion damage due to excessive time submerged in water. HØJ products are not subject to warranty if they have been washed in a dishwasher or cleaned with any commercial cleaning solution except for water, non-corrosive soap or alcohol. 

Category: Metal Pipes, Pipes

Type: Grinders

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