Greenshore: German Made, The elegance and Passion in a Hand Pipe


Length: 5.85"

**Dig deep into the culture of Germany with none other than the Greenshore Metal Pipe. This hand pipe will take you on a journey across lands and seas to it's native culture. Greenshore displays all the elegance and perfection we have come to know Germans for. Smoking from this sleek and conservative will deliver an experience like none other.

There is no doubt that this is a scientifically designed hand pipe to deliver the most optimal smoking experience. Greenshore is constructed with 100% purely anodized aluminum for quality and durability. This hand pipe imperialistically convenient, making you look and feel regal while being anywhere smoking your tobacco. 

The Greenshore Hand Pipe Company are experts in high-quality Aluminum pipes that give you a luxurious smoking experience. Adding science to ensure and guarantee the luxury of the hand pipe both to the eyes and the lungs. Though not made in America, Greenshore has elite standards for all their products.

Greenshore Pipe is a German company that started designing and selling high-quality smoking equipment from 2011. They have gradually expanded their product offering to must-have hand pipes which have become status symbols for the tobacco (or any other types of legal loose leaf) lover.

The German handcrafted hand pipe is comprised of 100% pure anodized aluminum. It's exquisitely crafted and epitomises glamour. Thus the fact that every tobacco and any other loose leaf lover covets a Greenshore hand pipe is not surprising at all.

Apart from storing high on the style front, these hand pipes are extremely durable and convenient to clean and use. The sleek lines, German craftsmanship and durability of the hand pipes has made the basic Aluminium model extremely popular today. However among the many offerings the company has, the most coveted are the 24 carat and rose gold hand pipes. Priced a little below 200 US Dollars, a whiff from one of these hand pipes will make you feel like royalty.

To sum up, a Greenshore metal pipe conveys elegance in a way nothing else does. It combines Deutsch technology with aristrocratic panache to create something truly beautiful.

The 24kt pure gold (not plated) and Rose gold hand pipes are only available upon request through the contact page. 

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Type: Pipes & Blunts

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