Mini One hitter Dugout

Onies Dugouts

This is one of the smallest functioning dugouts on the market today. Measuring in at 2 and 5/8 inches tall and 1 inch wide you can easily fit this into the palm of your hand, lighter pocket, bra or purse.

Contains a 2 inch tall aluminum cigarette style aluminum bat. Each and every one of our wooden dugouts are made by hand from start to finish. The process in which we make our Onies products is unique to ensure the highest quality.

We select choice pieces of Walnut, Mahogany, and Cherry. The wood is then brought back to our shop where one of our experienced wood-workers bring each box into its final form.

Then each dugout body is fitted for a unique lid and sanded down to a flush fit. No two of our dugout boxes are the same. Get one today and see for yourself.

Materials: all natural waxes, walnut, mahogany, Cherry, aluminum bat, zinc poker

Type: dug