Nami Glass 12" Ripple Beaker

Nami Glass

Introducing the Nami Glass Ripple Beakers, carefully crafted to enhance your smoking experience. These beakers come equipped with a custom downstem featuring an open-ended six-slit design, ensuring smooth airflow for perfect percolation. Each beaker also includes a specially designed 14mm male angled herb bowl, adding to the overall convenience. What sets these beakers apart is Nami's signature Ripple line, inspired by the calming waves of the ocean, designed to elevate your smoking experience.

Nami was born out of a commitment to provide passionate connoisseurs with modern and contemporary glass accessories. By blending a unique aesthetic with meticulous attention to detail and premium materials, Nami aims to offer a profound experience. Every Nami product is crafted to inspire consumers to embrace a luxurious and conscious cannabis lifestyle and fully enjoy it to the fullest. Explore the world of Nami Glass and elevate your smoking journey today.

Nami Beaker Features:

  • Size: 12" Tall
  • 5" Base
  • Made of Thick Sturdy Borosilicate Glass
  • Signature Ripple Inline
  • 14mm Angled Herb Bowl

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Nami Glass 12" Ripple Beaker
  • 1x - 14mm Angled Herb Bowl

    Category: Water Pipe

    Type: Waterpipes

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