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Pyptek dreamroller. The unrivaled Prometheus family has given birth to its newest member: The Dreamroller; a classic steamroller with several modern twists. All the benefits of a premium steamroller now come with the ease of one-handed operation and the strength of an aircraft grade aluminum shell. This steamroller’s pneumatic action makes it more than 10 times easier to draw than a standard pipe, and one easy push of the button clears the chamber! Get more from your session with the Prometheus Dreamroller.

Pyptek Dreamrollers are the best in the market. Very easy to use and to clean. The PYPTEK Prometheus Dreamroller is a modern glass steamroller hand pipe featuring a front designed Instant-Clear mechanical push carb system to deliver powerful draws. Simply light and press the button to clear the chamber. Its pressurized chamber makes the pyptek prometheus 10 times easier to draw than a standard pipe. Regular steamroller glass pipe are popular, but the problem with, the made of glass. The Prometheus Dreamroller is made with 6061 aircraft-grade anodized aluminum exoskeleton and borosilicate glass, Dreamaroller provides, comfort, performance and durability.

Given the wide mouthpiece opening, the Dreamroller Pyptek is designed to deliver powerful hits any given moment. Shock-absorbing silicone gaskets surround the glass to prevent breakage. For easy cleaning, the Dreamroller is made up 3 parts - the shell, glass, and Instant-Clear carb - simply pull off the carb, clean the glass and slide the carb back in. For thorough cleaning slide out the glass. Choose PYPTEK Prometheus Dreamroller in 5 colors: black, blue, green, purple & red.

  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Measurements: 5.5" L/ 1.5" D
  • Custom Borosilicate Glass Steamroller internals
  • Anodized 6061 Aircraft grade Aluminum Exoskeleton
  • One handed “Instant Clear” Carburetor
  • Shock-absorbing silicone gaskets
  • Available in five colors
  • Prometheus steamroller

PYPTEK Prometheus Dreamroller review


Category: Steamrollers

Type: Pipes & Blunts

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