Nebula Rasta Stand-up Glass Bubbler Pipe

Nebula Glass Studios

  • Made in American
  • Height: 7 inches

**Tune into island vibes and stay classic with this bold Rasta inspired stand-up Glass Bubbler Pipe. Hand blown by an actual person in America to ensure it was blown with expert precision. This Glass Bubbler Pipe has the traditional vibrant Jamaican colors starting with royal red at the bottom blending into a bursting yellow and then lastly, a luscious green at the mouth. Carefully crafted with a very concentrated frit technique makes this handheld water pipe POP in any environment and is appealing to the eye.

This stand-up Glass Bubbler Pipe stands 7 inches tall all on its own, scientifically designed with a thick base to counter balance the stretched neck and rounded mouthpiece. Also, the shape and contours of this piece were designed to comfortably fit in any hand. At Nebula glass, they don't mess around when it comes to quality and comfort.

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Type: Waterpipes

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