RYOT SmellSafe Original Krypto-Kit™


Introducing the innovative RYOT SmellSafe Krypto-Kit™! Crafted to fit snugly into your pocket, these cases house an all-inclusive smoking system, concealed within an odor-defying seal. Engineered for convenience, the Krypto-Kit™ offers adaptable storage to accommodate an array of bats, making it the ultimate answer for the everyday enthusiast.

Benefit from the cutting-edge SmellSafe™ technology, ensuring a scent-free experience. A detachable freshness pouch, a specialized neoprene pocket tailored for lighters, and an elastic loop designed for tasters contribute to its functional design.

Moreover, a poker tool is thoughtfully included. The Krypto-Kit™ measures a compact 4.75" x 2.75", solidifying its place as the go-to choice for both portability and comprehensive smoking satisfaction.

  • SmellSafe™ scent resistance
  • Removable freshness pouch
  • Neoprene pocket for lighter
  • Elastic loop for taster
  • Poker included
  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 2.75"